General Teitzhoff Kilter (GTK)™


Having no idea who that might be in the title, some weird-o military type of cross-bred code-of-justice warrior or maybe really he’s the good guy, the good buy, but I do not recognize my savior. That could be it. But whoever that General T.K. is up there in my own made-up title, I do not really want to Get To Know (GTK)™ him, and if he (himself) does not convince me of that somehow, nobody else really needs to argue the point.

Unless they want to, of course!

Meanwhile, I was reading at the Book of Days (it is called that, and I enjoy thinking about the ideas that suggests all by itself) the following excerpt:

marking the great difference between those built then and now. By and by, down to the chapel again, where Bishop Morley preached on the song of the angels, ‘Glory to God on high, on earth peace and good-will towards men.’ Bethought he made but a poor sermon, but long, and reprehending the common jollity of the court for the true joy that shall and ought to be on those days. Particularised concerning their excess in plays and gaming, saying that he whose device it is to keep the gamesters in order and within bounds, serves but for a second rather in a duel, meaning the groomer porter. Upon which it was worth observing how far they are come from taking the reprehensions of a bishop seriously, that they all laugh in the chapel when he reflected on their ill actions and courses. He did much press us to joy in these public days of joy, and to hospitality. But one that stood by whispered in my eare, that the bishop do not spend one groat to the poor himself. The sermon done, a good anthem followed with vials, and the king came down to receive the sacrament.

‘Christmas-day (1668).-To church in the morning, and there saw a wedding in the church, which I have not seen many a day; and the young people so merry one with another, and strange to see what delight we married people have to see these poor fools decoyed into our condition, every man and woman gazing and smiling at them.

‘Christmas-day (1668).-To dinner alone with any wife, who, poor wretch ! sat undressed all day till ten at night, altering and lacing of a noble petticoat; while I by her making the boy read to me the Life of Julius Ceasar, and Des Cartes’s book of Music.’

The geniality and joyousness of the Christmas season in England, has long been a national characteristic. The following poem or carol, by George Wither, who belongs to the first-half of the seventeenth century, describes with hilarious animation the mode of keeping Christmas in the poet’s day:

            'So now is come our joyful feast;
                 Let every man be jolly;
            Each room with ivy leaves is drest,
                 And every post with holly.
            Though some churls at our mirth repine,
            Round your foreheads garlands twine;
            Drown sorrow in a cup of wine,
                 And let us all be merry.


So the world of the inside has been with us for some time now.>

Maybe later today I will post links to the train set (brain bombers has the programs) and my layout (the file is about 2.7MB at this time and if I do not populate the landscape further, it is as “done” as it needs to be for now. It can (probably will) be extended further, and needs some crossing guards (to pick a randomly unrelated-to-real life example, unless your grandfather was killed by an intelligent locomotive), especially if I “surrender” to adding in the stuff you actually *do* have to pay for, instead of just the totally free things. (like me)

Okay, the box is wrapped for this season. There may be an after-holiday upgrade or something, but it seems unlikely at this point. For one thing, if nobody other than “Santa” can tell if the stupid idea even works, it might just be folly and folderol. The number of actual hand-on tasks needed is more than just a couple, so it may be my pipedream saying anyone would have fun playing with trains that really are not there.

The fun thing is to go for rides on top of the trains, and to play with the switches, and maybe have a few wrecks with no casualty statistics to look at. Small numbers, like one dead father of four, are fearfully depressing, when taken to heart.

Thus, go get the game/program thing from BrainBombers group, and then add my layout to it, and see if you like it enough to buy their extension pack. Of course, in the approximate year or so that I was learning this toy, they have released the Old West version, Iron Horses, which looks like what I’d rather have started with, maybe. So fickle. I want to do it ALL!!! (all of it, I tell you!!!)

Oh well, not enough time.

Or maybe there is…

Step One: Click here, to grab yourself their download of the main starter program, with its own auto-running layout included. You can learn basics from this one, like how to place a camera on the train and pan/zoom/tilt to look around the vista as you “fly” just above the carriages and rails. Note: If you get distracted looking at everything on their web site you might not remember to come back to the next part of this, but when you do, you’ll have a big layout to play with and build more on, if you want. It is really a kick-in-the-tail starter kit. It’s a kitt. Kit-t.

Step Two: Go via the button to the container and download the Road file there for the layout I’ve been building. The thing about this, like the real model railroad, is the living and continuing quality, almost like a quilt that you decide to change around here and there, since it is not simply a repeated-pattern type of quilt. Yet, quilts are full of many intricate ideas, from simple elements. Both ends of a spectrum, all in one. Quilting. Model Railoading. Not completely different, if you know enough about both of them.

Some folks we know have got nice healthy tree farms. My cousin Marea, for example married a Stone man. They make the green things for the yuletide celebrations, yes indeed!

Obligata Anagramat Treata (what-a?)
Any Friendly Reminder Is Christs Anagram (AFRICA)™


or, maybe one of many others, such as with:

19:37 12/24/2006


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