Tested And Proved (TAP)™


As I made the attempt tonight to check on my favorites (we should not really have favorites, but we are only human) it was amusing to see another IQ test result. The one they administered to my parents (via their male child) to propose educational planning, and their recommendation to “skip a grade” in my public education (first grade, and they thought I would not “fit in” with my own age group in terms of learning speed or ability) for the benefit of all, was known as the Stanford-Binet version. This would have been in 1957 or 1958 (probably the first part of the school year) when two students in Mrs. Van Santen’s first grade class were thought to be brilliant.

Kenny L went on to second grade, but I did not. I don’t know whatever happened to him. He always wore black boots. I remember that, and he had a “huge” forehead as well. So if they told the truth back then, I got either 136 or 139. Personally, I think those are “fuzzy numbers” and need shaving.

As far as I am concerned, having a five-point edge on anyone is essentially meaningless. For one thing, you need to consider that (by now) older people *should* do better on knowledge-based examinations, and this one was more that sort of test than it was a test of “intelligence” or critical thinking. But it *did* have some purely thought-related questions, and it was FUN!

Taking it personally would not be fun.


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