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This post marks a newer look by using the latest theme release at WordPress, which I might just keep around and remember how I liked the Dusk one so much until now. Or my fickle heart will return to its old beat. What I like here is being able use my own choice of header image, so I used something cut from another grab off the web years ago, where the web site may have gone with the “dot-com” flu epidemic just before 9/11 ripped our hearts. So to be fair, if that place is still around, I should go find it and give them credit for showing it here (and defiled, as it were), but if they died, well… let them rest, I guess. Commend their cyber-spirits to paradise.

This also marks some kind of personal satisfaction that the number of writers here has incremented by one. Enough for me is one, as long as the one is the right one. More than one right one may be like a godsend, but one is it.

So also I have found something written by someone I used to know, or almost did, but she was really young and had parents of her own who may not have allowed more internet activity to continue. I do not know what happened to Katie, but I hope she is well. She wrote this, posted it (proabably at a JK message board) and I thought it was worth remembering. So that is what I did. The date on my file is July 30, 2000, for the time I saved it to my hard drive, on the computer that I do not use now.

How confusing it is, to have all this “used” stuff, and to feel sometimes like I’ve been used, and all that. But I do not wish it to stop being “real” at all!!!

Here’s how someone else felt, at least six years ago. Also note that to this day I have not said anything about any errors or spelling or typographical oopsies. (in this case I have not)


His servant
By: Katie VanDenBerghe

Lord, i am willing
To do what You want me to
I am no longer my own
I belong to Youy alone
O God take me
Use me as you wish
I long to see more come to Your Kingdom
use me, Lord
To speak to them
To show them the love
That You have shown me
Let me tell them of Your mercy
And of You awesome and Mighty power
Lord, use me
For I am a vessel
To be used by You alone
Use me to get throught to
This lost an d dark world
Show them Your love through me
Let them see past me
so that they may see You, Lord
Use me as You wish
If that means i am jeered at
Or if I am called a “Jesus Freak” or a “major geek”
So be it
You made me, Lord
So i give myself back to You
So that I may serve
And be another tol
in bringing back
This lost world to you
I am Your servant
Take me now
I am Yours
Use me as you wish

Another thing I remember about this young lady (she might be 23 by now, perhaps, but her birth date escapes my rusted steel trap mind spring leaking) is that she wanted to find some support, some funding for a missions camp opportunity in the springtime, and I had helped gather a bit from this side of the continent, and sent to her it through the youth pastor at her church in Rochester. I’ve got the envelope from the first attempt which bounced back with my mistake on the street name. So then after I sent it, she got it, I guess. Ah, the memories… and vast canyons between them and me are growing wider, it seems too many times.


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3 Responses to One Katie (OK)™

  1. Katie says:

    Hi Galen,

    Oh my goodness! I can’t believe you still remember me after all this time, that is incredible! I believe we did meet on a Jennifer Knapp message board and yes we did lose contact due to all the press about “stranger danger” on the internet. How have you been? What’s new? I hope that all is well and may the Lord bless you and keep you!


  2. Galen says:

    =+=+=+=+=+=actually this:

    You are correct, so I guess I cannot believe you still remember me? (I can believe anything that is actually true, believe it or not!)

    Well, it is easy to think of when I have had it so much better, like back when we “met” without meeting and I tried to “help” without having any reason or expecting anything in return.

    So, I guess I am still just about that weird!

    How about you, and do you have any “voice” left? I seem to be losing mine. The physical one was never that “hot” either, but I mean the one that wants to “speak out” like you and I once did.

    Cheers for old friendships which really do not ever die!!!


  3. Katie says:

    I am doing well. Very interested in music at the moment. I am beginning to regain my voice after having lost it for a couple of years…basically learning and growing.

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