Example: Risktaking (ER)™

This may (really) be my last or only attempt to “prove” that my
actions are “not my own” in the sense that I believe not only in
but “on” a higher power, such that I try to determine what I am
“supposed to do” in the sense that someone is watching.

This I continue to do, but the “Dan” message has arrived again. I told one of the K people about DAN (do absolutely nothing) long ago, and oh, so far away… (Superstar).

When I commented at the YouTube offering of someone named Daniel
I mentioned a buncha stuff. It will be seen as a “personal attack
on Daniel” or something, by at least one well-intentioned “believer
in something” which they seem to forget too easily. I encourage
anyone go and look, since you can click on the thing and maybe
let yourself “join” the new “forum” for entertaintment galore.

It really is. You could lose yourself, fill your iPod, or any
other notions you have about “having not enough time” to get
what you want. I have had that feeling long enough.

I know it. Daniel is an excellent “online tutor” when you are
trying to learn to play a guitar. For me, some humorous elements
immediatley “pop up” in my mind. But I seem to want to point out
something else besides how great Daniel is.

Nobody really gave the “big mention” to Jesus, way I saw it.

Why is that?

Click Here!
Indescribable – showing chords and strumming — (05:15)

One place he says take off your middle finger. Hmmmm…
Well, it hurt when I did it, and it was hard to reattach!
(this is a joke!)

Then, I notice he does not trim the ends. C’mon, it won’t hurt!
(I’m not a “cutter” either, but I understand…) another J

You get the idea. I can play guitar already. Makes me a smartass?

Anyway, he really is quite good, and does this song better than
everyone else around him, and all his playing is great. But even
without apologizing to the young man, hopefully (bad grammar, that
there) he is smart enough to realize that he wants to play better
than he does, even now when he can “amaze” others with it, and he
really only wants to praise God. So, I let them easily believe as
they want to believe, instead of complimenting Daniel and then,
really acknowledging what makes it special: some can hear or
see what Daniel does. Praise us as well as Daniel: Praise Jesus!

(or, just God if that is your way, or nothing if that is your way)


About Galen

Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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2 Responses to Example: Risktaking (ER)™

  1. Kat says:

    No more chatting on here?….no more moob….or whatever it was called….i forget….:-( that makes me sad.

  2. Galen says:

    You *could* know that is not a correct interpretation. For one thing, more than one “split personality” representation of this one guy (me) are here, and the telephone does *seem to work* for some of us (mostly thanks to you) and I will put the little chatbox thingy on this one again (the mined devils playground has some deformed version on it right now, I believe) “when I find the time” in the same place I usually find it (the neverending story of time streaming by) and I can only put you and your people on the top of my list if I ever find time to actually make a list!!!

    Where the heck is my list?

    That was good hearing about someone who can “get in the face” of experts.

    Don’t be too sad, dear. Confusion always clears up when the Sun comes out. He will (does, has always done) brightly shine at the right time, not ours.

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