Maybe Understanding Sometimes Happens (MUSH)™

When it does, we know it. Often we have insufficient time, sadly.

But to want to try, it is really quite normal not to give up!

I like what the newest Lisa said in e-mail the other day (when she
had some time to even notice something in an “inbox” which must
also be including lots and lots of not-so-welcome SPAM in it). She
has mottoes, not tomatoes, and this is one of them, which I wish
to become a “leech” with as I think of it myself, and probably will
in something I refer to as “devotion” although this, too, is merely
assignable to something we could call: concept.

She said:
Tact is for those not witty enough to be sarcastic.

Also she always reminds me this:
Be gentle to you.

Any time I hear something (or go looking in her “free service” blog
here at WordPress, it is a blessing to my soul.

Almost Like Magic Seemingly (ALMS)™

Thank you, Lisa, for being a true worker of goodness.

Interesting coincidence: today is my ex-Wife’s 44th birthday.
My devious mind is plotting to force one of our two children
to do something unexpectedly nice for her (like, as a gift),
but I cannot know if they will ignore their own “struggles”
long enough for that to happen. For the sake of that younger
brother Jake (not my child but I love him too), it should be
the way I am “demanding” and not the way I might “want” it.

She turned away from me. I should hate her. I can’t.

Love does not work that way. It forgives.

I think I might be almost done now, or maybe I am just down.


About Galen

Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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