Random Example Selected Thusly (REST)™

In keeping with that last easy toy for the blog, I have no
idea who this is. I just grabbed it since the name (amber29)
is somewhat minimalist, like I try to get a little bit that
way, as I find it easier to get farther if I use less at a
time, and so on, and so forth. We have this to listen to,
today, I guess. I remember when that one guy said RED GREEN
was his real in the flesh father-in-law. Well, he did not use
those words, but he said it with zeal! And of course, being
truthful would be the way of a Christian, wouldn’t it?

Oh, that plus the username was something with Amber in it.

My favorite was amber. Sticky originally, it got harder.

Bugs got stuck, like on a windshield.

Amber. B-29 bummer jet planes riding shotgun in the sky.


And uh-one, and uh-two…

Ooops! Amber needs to fix her files up, so they play.

Hey! Way to go! She fiixed them (or he did), so
Now we can listen to a capella (stella?)

The song changed, now it is Afternoon delight. She says “rubbin’ you”…

I believe that is supposed to be “lovin'” and not “rubbin'” but that is only if it is either/or!!!
In its place, I let the “spirit guide me” and this is the
one that “lady luck” gave me, as I was seeking to find……!
This is actually better than listening to music!
Especially if you spend 90% of the time playing,
rearranging, researching, regurgitating, and all
that hypnotic repetition, you might need a break
from the twang twang thang! So this soothing ear
fixer-upper-talking is good for *my* soul!


About Galen

Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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