Fade Into Nude (FIN)™

Fade Into Nude (FIN)™

Perhaps we shall never understand. If even one of us does
not understand, then the "we" element is not there anyhow
and somebody got left out. Let us assume I am that one.

No more explanations for anything will come from me.
What I might have wanted to be part of, is no more.

It is finished.

Do not suggest that I am reading
too much into something.

I am not reading now.
Did that, apparently in vain…

Good chances are I shall write little,
or not anything more,
more like nothing,
as well.

What I want not to give anymore is
explanations, ways of understanding.
No more of that.

Links to point you at others will be given, sometimes.
For all I know, this is actually the last post. I could
simply update, extend this one last entry, and leave it.

Or, like so many before me, abandon or delete the blog.

Maybe. I have not decided which way to end it.

Listen to your friends. Not to me. Listen to the others.

Like, for example, we may see a woman calling herself
the PANTYLESS PREACHER'S WIFE, excuse me???!!!
PantylessPreachersWife: All Grown Up
on the soapbox for her cockful husband, aka the STUDMAN
(gush and drip and squirt), who sounds like he is oh-so
freakin' hot to lay down his "WORD" leading sheep to his
LORD of wide open flies with boners sticking out of 'em!
(g00d g0d almighty can you feel the monster-luuuuuvv???
rubba-rubba hubba-bubba!) :-)


Fb chg n gng ba lbhe pyvg naq znlor tbbq jvyy pbzr bs vg?
Jryy, svar gura. Xvff ZL nff, lbh ybiryl jbzna bs Puehfg.
V thrff znlor lbh yvxr vax va lbhe fxva. Fb or vg. Qhzzl!

Flame out.

13:20 10/8/2006 edit:
Okay, that was a “mood swing” or perhaps pulse is a better term. The writing may actually attempt to explain things, since it seems to be a cryptic habit. However, in coincidence fashion or random non-connectedness, if I see that Porter cannot get Internet writing to “happen” for him, then I shall also go on Hiatus for indefinite endurance, in case we are really that close to His return. For those who do not know how to follow scripture, the help I could give would not be anything like a reasonable expectatation. My penchant is to deal with the inevitable.

Obviously, I will not be leaving with most of the passages in the “lock down” state, after all, unless a new direction is given, in as-we-go respect.


About Galen

Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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4 Responses to Fade Into Nude (FIN)™

  1. Kat says:

    Okay…so I take it that you “giving up” writing here….I emailed you…….you never answered…….I guess I’ll try & call….I just haven’t had the time lately………and for that I can’t really apologize……though I somehow feel the need to say sorry anyway……

  2. Kat says:

    Tried to call several times….no answer. Hope you’re okay….don’t know what is going on….hope you are not upset with me or something…..

  3. Kat says:

    Hmm…still can’t seem to get ahold of you. Left quite a few messeges…..:-( Oh well….sorry for whatever…..

  4. Galen says:

    Well, the reconnects happen when they are supposed to, and I still know that you know what I know, besides what we don’t know, and love is all we need.

    Working on than number now, too, and stil, and always!

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