I Skipped A Day (I SAD)™

I Skipped A Day (I SAD)™

Yesterday was unproductive, measured by standards, whatever
they may be. Even so, it was not zero. One good thing along
the way is all it takes to keep some of us going. Missing a
clue might mean the feeling of "nothing good" is based only
on our lack of awareness, and nothing else.

The world is full of good people. But it is also infected --
deeply and widely and thoroughly -- with a common element of
taking care of "only my own" and nobody else's concern, and
this alone leads us to end up alone.

Gladly, I refuse to join that bandwagon.

It is heading for a cliff.



Meanwhile, the band plays on. Eventually when only the true
musical contributors remain to sound up, we shall all begin
to hear the real music. And it is not like we're accustomed
to hearing it -- this music's heart  music!


Just as a trial in the "look and feel" element in memory of
the previous host at Diary-X, I switched the reader options
so that only one day's worth of posts will show. Thus, more
clicks will be needed if review of the past is sought. This
could be annoying, and if I hear a request, I might put the
thing back to show seven at a time, or something bigger for
larger appetites. I remember how I liked making it so that,
with lots of editing, I could make things fit on an 800x600
screen (IE browers set for full screen -- F11) such that no
scrolling would be needed. Then when I wanted to add photos
or things, it would not fit, so that idea was "dumb".

You cannot always come up with a perfect "general solution"
to a "people problem" and yet you can try to find one.

This makes us caring, and human.


Humanity notwithstanding, some humans cannot be trusted.

Do not trust this man:

12:30 10/9/2006 edit:
not definitely, it seems someone or something tried to infect my blog and remove the photo in terms of the ability to appear. I did not do it, so it may have been any “spontaneous” or “spurious” event — i.e., what they might want you to think is that there *are no hackers out there* at all! Just funny computer professionals, goofball christians, and other fine people no worse than me.

I hate to say it but he looks enough like me that I do not
like me. To think that I might ever do what he did? ACKKK!!

Surely someone would notice it.

Still, they did not notice him.


He went to church!


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Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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