Randomly A Friendly True Spirit (RAFTS)™

Randomly A Friendly True Spirit (RAFTS)™

When someone you do not really know comes along without even
moving, and does things and says things that seem like "just
your cup of tea" and it was not any kind of struggle at all,
as far as you're aware, it can seem like one of those "meant
to be" deals where everyone wins, nobody gets hurt, and past
regrets do not get created in the first place. This is good.

It might be an illusion, but I love illusions. Not that they
are fooling me, but that I know what is happening even while
my eyes are playing tricks on me. Sometimes, I can manage to
control the real culprit, not my eyes, but my brain. Reality
says that my eyes do not actually see anything. Rather, with
more accurately, they do not know what they see, or care.

Eyes are rather stupid, and they turn toward tempatation way
too often for their (my) own good, but there ain't no way to
stop them without hurtin' the dang things! SO I WON'T!! :-)

Instead, I'll enjoy things like I got after following just a
few links from → Jennifer Saylor's blog ← where I might look
for something good to pop up every so often, and rather more
often is what I like about it. She's got different things, a
variety of more cerebral interests, than your average mind.

Assuming you (whomever you may be) have an average anything.
At this point, you'll want to consider whether to click on
through to the optical "orgy" I have set up, where you might
get nauseous and mess up your keyboard with your last cooked
meal (the one you already ate, not the one before they hang
you). So maybe stop before you make yourself sick? 

I guess you must be brave, so look at these, which all came
from from: youramazingbrain.org.uk/supersenses 
Truly, you must be good at staring, not just at looking.

(and don't blink!)

These dots are not here. They cannot decide to be black or white.
This looks like motion, snakes crawling, but nothing moves:
Try to read this, saying the names of the colors, without screwing it up or (more likely, like me) laughing: I cannot get more than halfway through line 4 at me best. Just have to start laughing at "another mistake" of mine...
The two squares A and B sure look like different shades of grey, but no! The light one in the shade is exactly the same luminance as the dark one out in the light. Weird!!! (is what)
Even I cannot believe there are not both blue and green here and I usually can "see around" the normal limiting effects:
This is either young, looking away, or old, looking toward:
This is like lots of other pictures, and they have an actual building down in southern Oregon made to show this effect:
This looks like something else when you use the "persistence" effect to get a "ghost" image. Stare at it for 30 sec. then at a blank screen (wall, ceiling, paper) to see something else show up in the "misty vapor" of your mind. (or, my mind, my space) YOU MUST TRY NOT TO MOVE YOUR EYES WHEN STARING (and don't blink!)
Apart from the illusions, this was that picture I had recalled from the time six months after the towers crashed to the pile. Layla sent it to me, I remember that. It was just around her birthday, same day as Amy's, and a couple of others. Oh well, it was a lovely time we had, better than now.


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