Not As Sweet To You (NASTY)™

Not As Sweet To You (NASTY)™

This is one of those challenges someone threw out during the
coffee-talk (more likely we were boozin') before or after or
even during one of our band rehearsals or gigs, and everyone
talked about songs they wished we could play. We did lots of
covers of the popular bands of that time, so that (we hoped,
or prayed) folks would like us and want to hear us again. In
the long run you need your own songs, your own sound, and of
course your own "image" to be recognized and remembered, but
first you need to get a "foot in the door" since there will,
in the best of circumstances, be plenty of other acts out to
beat yours, and they never seem to rest. You need some rest.

What to do, what to do?

Keep on truckin' is what we used to say!

This is old Eagles material, but I am not stealing anything.
Further, if I make even one red ¢ent off of playing this, it
is easy enough to give 100% of it to the lawyer dudes, who I
would say have absoulutely no intellectual property of value
of their own, unless it is art of some kind. It isn't. HA!!!

Aborigianl tags...
Whoa, son, don't wade TOO deep…
Go plant something and start up sounds of music from here!

Like the last three chucks of noise I posted here, you can go
grab this and put it in your media player (it should have the
lyrics in it that way, if I did it right) and see if you ever
remember this song. It was not one of the hits on the album.

Aborigianl tags...

Images above are from:
Bitter Creek & The Mystery Of Pictograph Cave State Park

Lately, like today mostly, I think I want to play something a
little bit more Logical than figuring out the depth of bitter
creeks of regret and guilt. Those are muddy waters, deep.


About Galen

Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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