LeMat (LM)™

LeMat (LM)™

Like anything our band played from among our original ideas
this turned out as a finished product only with the mixing
of other minds and hands. But the basic parts of this song,
except for the title, were "my idea" and yet I cannot take
full credit. Maybe if I just say some "people" inspired me
at various points along the way, it would seem more along a
line of "credible story" telling. Yet, it is more than just
some other people. Maybe it was, oh… a cat?
↔↔↔ original 'un © 1971 (re-nude now) ↔↔↔
These "only words" sound better with the music. No good way
to type the music on here so it sounds right, yet. Working…

LeMat (LM)™
- 'self -

I met Louis XIV
On the way to Omaha.
Put forth reasons for living,
Took me back to Shangri-La…

Now, when over-reacting
Disciples of learning
Are under development,
***** Logic's aloft. *****
When we opened the hallway
Of infinite doorways,
We thought our cage went off.

I know: what you've been thinking,
Even though I've gotten lost in fog,
We are cut from the same cloth,
Fallen off that bumpy log.

When those over-dependent
And proudly defiant
Believers in written words
Learn what all means,
Then the answer, unhidden
With parallel vision,
Slowly reveals betweens.
She was not born back then, when the Banshee was loudly wailing, but this, here and now, looks like bliss. This, truly, is Tickles. Herself. The.
monograms, anyone?
©forever, me♥


About Galen

Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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2 Responses to LeMat (LM)™

  1. Galen says:

    Now, after a year, I realize I never answered you here, did I? (don’t answer!)
    Tickles. You have 1 chance out of 3 anyway, so you only make 1 of 2 possible mistakes, since you did not guess “Tigger” and I have had time to realize that you’ve been right all along: it is probably spelt “Teekoe” or something, and not “Tico” like I thought since I wanted it to be shorter for “Sympatico” and it works that way also.

    That is tickles.

    You tickle my soul, and you do not even make the efffort. It is natural, like breathing.

    Thank you for helping me keep my breath alive! ♥ ♥ ♥

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