Screw Him Into This Christian-American Nation (SH! IT CAN)™

Screw Him
Into This
Christian-American Nation

One problem with "partial truths" -- as we often call such
things, for example: "if your girlfriend loves you, she'll
be willing to [ fill in the blank ]" and other bits of real
wisdom from the ages of something -- is that they simply do
not reveal the whole truth. Such things might not be meant
to deceive, but by ignoring some other elements of reality,
they actually *are* lies, and not the truth.

So many examples of this are around that no starting place
is clear, and this makes the "whole lump" very difficult to
look at if whatever is mentioned will be rejected as heresy
and relegated to the category of "wrong" then forgotten.

The last thing I would ever want to do is to "let" anything
come between "us" if there is any sort of "us" to be under
our protection. Placing enough value on relationships will
produce different behavior in folks, and sometimes it might
seem as if we cannot get along "without any friends" and it
would be disaster to "end up alone" with no hope for a life
that is not filled with misery where nobody cares.

Once we "catch on" to something, we do not have to feel any
such desperation ever again. Friendship is not something to
put us in each other's chain, but somehow it can seem like
it might be trying to turn into just such an "arrangement"
and if we do not "do the right thing" we will break it.

I know folks with unbreakable bonds, which are not chains.


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One Response to Screw Him Into This Christian-American Nation (SH! IT CAN)™

  1. Kat says:

    Is this the one you were *refering* to in the *email*?….I’m sorta kinda lost………

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