Babies And Moons (BAM)™

Babies And Moons (BAM)™


For you...

Yeah, baby, for you...

What would it mean to "capture stars, out of the blue?"

And how would they be delivered unto someone then (dust)?

Well, if I could introduce you to your (one of your) "idols"
in the real world, and you never expected it ever to be able
to happen for reals, then that would be out of the blue, in
a way, even if I had ranted on and on about what "ought to
be happening" if we (the proverbial we) were doing the right


One thing I always could count on.


She is not stupid (sins), so all suggestions about what she
might be doing were not even "tricky" to analyze at all.

It was the responses to questions that made it so clear.

And the idiocy just kept going. Meanwhile, I know someone.

And she Does Eventually Always Reconnect (DEAR)™ with me, no
matter how many times I mess it up. Missed four tries just a
little while ago, while she tried to reconnect. I was zzzzz.

But I know she will try again.

And I love her!

Young, and loved, y'al.


Heart-Ears, HE?


Possibly not remotely related, I just (today is now gone to
yesterday, so it was actually not) now have made my first --
in recent times at any rate -- attempt to record any sounds
made by my fingers on guitar strings. This was in ways both
more difficult and lots easier than I had thought. Now if I
hear something -- not with the ears, this type of "hearing"
will be -- then I shall see if we can make some music,
like I said.

Or she said.

Or, He.



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Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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