Body Is Not Important (BIN I)™

Body Is Not Important (BIN I)™

Necessary, and vital, but not "top" priority…


This guy named John sings how he is bigger than his.
I could not agree more, and what I sense about us is
more like how that part which is bigger than my body
is the "more real" part, and has no end-point to it.

That, if nothing else, makes "me" bigger by far than
any "container" which might house me. Body is there,
but it is just "for now" so that "life" can happen…

I might want to make other plans, but life is life.

Meanwhile, I can remember how my friend Doug died a
virgin, and (according to some sources) he went home
(paradise), and I might join him there, if not lost,
sort of how we were before. Some of the church folks
thought they knew what sort of misguided life we were
leading, trying to help a band of rock-n-roll idiots
make any lasting "mark" in the world, when they were
nowhere near to being "in the know" about Christ, who
they said they were following (all the way to the bank
or wherever they loved heading toward) when they might
easily have infered a "deeper" relationship between us.


It was not that kind of friendship at all.

That is not actually friendship, anyhow.

The two things (friendship, sexuality) might be mixed,
but they are not "in common" with each other, really.

Just coincident, sometimes.

Certainly it would be better to have both, not just one.

All I could do was beg and plead and whine at her,
"Baby, please don't go!"

But I always thought my wife was my friend.

Stubbornly, I insist I was not wrong.

She *acted* like she wasn't.

We were all confused then.

A decade ago, so it is
Ten Years After,
yet we hear:



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