When Any Ghost Tells An Incredibly Long Story (WAG TAILS)™

When Any Ghost
Tells An Incredibly Long Story

For one thing, it might not ever end, nor need to do so.

If it never started then it would be quickly over with. But
with the continuing existence of the ghost to tell the tale
which started before the telling of it started as part of
the tale itself, it just gets longer and longer, as the sad
spirit tries to explain how nobody will listen to it.

Poor, Overlooked Spirit There (POST)™.
This is could be like:
terror: visitor hooked people
horror: peter looked positive
oil report provoked theories…

What can we do? Should anything be done (for what reason)?

If something insightful is mentioned, they say "ghost" and
laugh at the messenger. One thinks the ghost would hate it.

Silence Emerges As Making Sense (SEAMS)™ and all are glad.

Perhaps peace is mearly another delusion.

Striving to end strife seems almost the same.

Or: only real proof of spirit is bottled in bond, forever.

Time will tell…


About Galen

Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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