Pictures At Galen’s Exhibition (PAGE)™

Pictures At Galen’s Exhibition?

Somewhere another one of those Art School promotional offers will come along again. Maybe I will actually see If this thing we call Art was something overlooked in my schooling. It was not unattractive to me as an option, but no one seemed to think it would be worth my “time” to pursue it, so of course we did not push in that direction at all. Yet with the possible loss of direction that may have happened to me even these days, another wrong turn cannot hurt more than all the others, so it may as well be now as anytime before this. What my favorite penchant seems to be is finding some way to figure it out myself, and if it can be done without extra expenditures, then so much the better. Many of my former associates would most likely still call me “cheap” (and in a BIG way), and they are welcome to embrace that attitude. From my point of view, using money as THE first line of defense in every case, or as the only one when alternates exist just for the asking, is simply worshipping money and calling it something else. And there is no way to stop a money worshipper, even when He has his own Trump or his own Tower to make you feel inferior in any way affordable. 🙂

kindly do not bump head on ceiling, if you please!

Step Wun Step Tew Step Tri

begin with an image in the Heart And Mind,
a peaceful happier place where everything is smiling…

If a picture paints a thousand words, then why…
(Anyone can go find Pixia and then do non-paint art too!)

During a reflective moment the urge to produce came along, so I painted these “progression” proofs as I attempted last night to paint a waterfall, while thinking of a very DEAR friend (I will explain DEAR one of these days) who is going away for a week of vacation. I remember a few vacations, and may once again experience that very needed refreshing break from the proveribial Rat Race, if I ever re-enter said race. Vacation always wore me out from the “having” of it, and I needed a good two or three day rest when we got back. Usually the other vacationers (wife and small children) wanted to keep trying to have absolutely as much “fun” as they could possibly get crammed into this particular holiday (this is what some other civilised folks call their vacations, having abandoned the concept of “holy” long ago), so we did not come back ahead of time just to get this future old man rested up. The resting would come years later, when I was put out to pasture for good. Not that I haven’t tried to jump the fence and come back to the old barnyard, we see I need to get further away than even the pasture, but obviously have become far too domesticated to turn loose again. That amounts to having no place to go.


My “opinion” of the more “finished” model in the “paintings” above is that the water still looks too blue. I can work on that part. It still is nice, for an old guy with no talent, to be able to use a computer to paint a picture, and not get any paint on anything else. Actually, there is no paint, but I need some color refill for my printer, should I decide to print out one of these. Also, I cannot tell if there is any reason for me to pursue Art at all, since nobody whose opinion is key to me has said they like anything I do. That part there (lack of approval) makes it difficult to even want to do anything.

Sort of how my life is now, even more than it ever was. Seemingly pointless…



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