Playing Along With Someone (PAWS)™

Playing Along With Someone (PAWS)™

When I look back on my own possible motives for having chosen to do or say something, at any time or place, often it becomes quite a lot clearer why I did not understand the situation when it was happening. Certainly it is not comforting when I figure I have messed things up for myself or anyone else, but it happens. Worst of all is the situation where I might discover I have been “deliberately blind” to something, and that also happens, but not nearly as incessantly as it did as when I was less experienced. In a way, I’ve learned to trust my own untrustworthiness when things get too crazy. I might make mistakes while trying really, really earnestly to do exactly the opposite, and adding more effort only worsens the situation. This is often when someone has to tell me to shut up or back off; again, this kind of incident is becoming a rare, yet never eliminated, situation I find myself having gotten into by my own words or actions. Foot-in-mouth disease, of the un-sapien kind. Man, the wise-ass.

When I find I have done something incredibly foolish, my instant urge is to try to ignore it and hope nobody else notices, but again, it has taken time to get the idea into my jelly-filled-brick that it comes back around somehow. My messes will not clean themselves up, so if they really are mine, then surely I must provide efforts for any reconstruction, recompensating, or restitution as far as possible to put back what I have “stolen” from the rest of the world. Like Nixon claimed, when he lied to us, “I am not a crook” and also I am not using my ability to tell lies to do that now, either. Absolutely anyone can tell a lie, even George Washington, and he did plenty of it when the truth would not be accepted. One doesn’t kick just any old devil-possessed earthly King in his stinky rotten shriveled up balls (different naughty bits on a female, of course) by being a gentleman, and one cannot expect to win vital wars against self-important porkpies by sticking to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me, Me.

What makes me happy is when I find the possibilities, without thinking about taking any action to make things happen. Just knowing what might be able to happen is enough for me. With a somewhat different approach to “success” the hope remains that the “right” things will happen. And it seems that way to me now, like it always has. Just a few minutes ago, I played along with someone I have not actually shared breathing air with, since England is so far away (doesn’t anybody stay in one place anymore?) and Oregon is right here. Conversely, from the old country, this right here is so far away, and never the twain shall meet, not even the amazing Shania, not anywhere that I would want to go anyway. If Shania knows what a woman wants, she can probably get it from anyone, anywhere. Forever, in spades. Yee-haw?

As for me, this Marian Waltz beats (the holy hell out of) anything that flashy Twain twat EVER HAD to offer (and isn’t it simply deplorable of me to call her that?) and it would make an excellent warm-up piece for Oh, Canada! too! (It clearly does when I play it!) But what I need to do is make a recording of my sounds. Once upon a time I had an Ampex reel-to-reel tape recorder. But it doesn’t record, and it doesn’t play. In fact, it doesn’t exist, except perhaps in some landfill over yonder. For me it is Somewhat Of A Regret (SOAR)™ that this thing is only about 34 seconds long. For most folks, it might not be worth noticing. Fortunately for me, what most folks find worthwhile, I find worth skipping.

To keep some semblance of variety alive here, let it be known again and forever that my Paws are not normal, not standard for the human model, if we ever figure out what that model is (and we are trying). I have mentioned this before to some folks; somewhere in here you can see pictures of my possible-birth-defect palms, revealing the nearly unspeakable horror: Undeniably, I am what is termed a “Double-Simian” case, with fundamental elements (lines) missing in my structure. Thus, good advice is this: do not monkey with my heart! ♥ It only looks tiny, and I might “go ape” on ya! 🙂

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