Decade Obsessing Over Marriage (DOOM)

Decade Obsessing Over Marriage (DOOM)™

Letting go is hard to bear. What is most lacking here is the ability to ignore and look away…

In an earlier phase of my metamorphosis, my personal pompous opinion of that time-honored and ageless institution lovingly labeled Marriage was not exactly of the highest caliber in regard to any possible “natural” ordering of things. My jaded view at the ripe age of 18 was that marriage was a “joke” yet not of the laughing kind; more like a crying shame, in terms of peoples’ observable sincerity in the lifelong commitment department (no real official organization exists in this capacity, of course). So it was not surprising that for roughly another decade I would figure that marriage was for fools, and thus not for this non-fool, who has found out otherwise (about the me-fool? part). That staunch stance remained intact until I encountered someone named Kelly, but in the greater scheme of things (potentially all imaginary), I had already encountered several souls, not the least of which was a wonderful young woman named Kathy, whose family had wandered over to this continent more recently than mine, and mainly from traditional Russian cultures. All of her family and many friends were members of the Molokan Church, which by coincidence has one of their houses of worship located within shouting distance of my mother’s “final resting place” as we tend to think of the crypt.

Perhaps it is funny, only to me, that Molokan has this anagram: Moo Klan.

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