Look At My Balls, They Are In Love! (LAMB TAIL)™

Look At My Balls, They Are In Love! (LAMB TAIL)™

If we are taught how to play properly With Our Own Toys (WOOT)™ and pretty much everyone agrees the wheel had to be invented by someone guy (or gal) first, the we’ll figure IT all came from somewhere, starting deep within our minds (or the mud), where the game is to know IT and love IT, to seek IT and find IT, and eventually own IT, so that IT is in the bag — if all these wonders and more are true — then obviously we must have simply Discovered Our Ubiquitous Balls There (DOUBT)™ in the bag we have. Once upon a time a big cocky Spaniard (maybe with too much of his own mud in the old noggin) searched with endless intentions for Seven CITies Of Gold and though this guy was HUGE, such wisdom prevails yet today, to Any Imaginary Devil’s Satisfaction (AIDS)™!

When civilized vocal folks offer up their various concocted theories about the Source Of Any Plague (SOAP)™ they often omit (TOO)™ much of rudimentary elements (MORE)™ for any reason (FAR)™ Beyond The Obvious (BTO). Some humble wisdom or basic science — perhaps simply the ability to socialize peacefully — calls for thinking in ways that are the same as other people’s ways, if we are to be accepted at all amongst our peers, yet as an original synthesis — or one would hope so — of them rather than as a copy of them. In other words, being original mostly means finding a new way to arrange at least some of the same ideas others have also had in mind. Otherwise, the words being used to express the ideas could not make sense, if they were “completely original” words. The ideas being expressed are thought to be unique or original, but not the words themselves, in other words, again. 🙂 That was a “smiley” for everyone, and this is an explanation for those who did not know it already, or about them, the smilies, which were invented, or discovered afterward, maybe. Or not. (giggle)

It is with regret or joy that I show that I have no balls now. Furthermore, or shorterless, I have nothing to show to explain it. It is just the way things are. Or rather, are not. (giggle)

One might design and manufacture perfect balls, in which case my limit would not be two, since we see it in Peter Pan, at the end of paragraph one, it is inescapable: “Two is the beginning of the end”, Which End Nobody Desires Yet (WENDY)™ and we may say I made up that last part there. To make up My Own Balls (MOB)™ there would no doubt be a bakers dozen, to get a kissing number with myself, which I have not yet explained about how twelve goes with one that way, kissingly. At any rate, my balls would probably change around a lot, but start out More-Or-Less Like (MOLL)™ this, or these here:

spinning05.gif flexible.gif spinning07.gif

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Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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3 Responses to Look At My Balls, They Are In Love! (LAMB TAIL)™

  1. Now that I remembered to check the box allowing comments, feedback may resume, I presume…

  2. Kat says:

    hi. this post confused me….yepp. it did.

  3. Galen says:

    how slow am i? slower than that!
    I forgot to answer you in public!
    I also forgot how it was not nice
    to be playing with my balls here
    in front of everyone like this
    love is so crazy!

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