Crush Of Yesterday, Or Today’s Example? (COYOTE)™

Crush Of Yesterday, Or Today’s Example? (COYOTE)™

Just look at the pretty pictures, and remember to hover (lover) with your mouse (in the house) to read the hidden (no, they are not) messages (maybe), and draw any conclusion you want (with a big bucket in a deep well?).

Concetta Rosa Maria Franconero, YOUR 'Lipstick On My Collar' would be more than welcome! But just do not expect to be finding many BOYS 'round here, y'hear, babe?!!

Connie Francis was her stage name, and this is who — or rather what — I should try not to “lose focus” on along
with any or every other thing I love or care about. Do not stop loving those things I once loved (even if I may somehow wonder if I still do),
if it was not wrong before, it will never be wrong. And I know that I did not ever love deception, since it was part of some folks’ “style” of living (you could say they used it to get their own way) when I was being “trained” by older folks, who may have only been two-year olds at the time themselves. This is what happens if your siblings are only a few years older than you: they get to be a baby “boss” in charge of another baby, and it is not an easy “job” by any means! Not that I would actually know…

Oh! Claire! She Is (O, CSI) Equipped And Skilled To (EAST) Handle Any Man (HAM), or maybe (om) Any Number Of Anything, Hell? (A NOAH?) andwhywouldanyonesayanyofthis?

So then later, this one imaginary yet lovely lively “chick” sounds like maybe she could be my kid or other kin (kinky, not!), or something (from something in the name), but I seem have a “real” reaction when I look at her non-existent excellence, yet we do not believe that my “imagination” is not actually physical, is it?. Somewhat sick at times, maybe…

Simple enough, I hope, that anyone could understand.

I know how to deceive, but do not want to do it ever again. Please do not make me think I have no other choice than to deceive you, and I will not deceive you. Otherwise, what else should I do? Would it make more sense for me to pretend not to understand anything at all? Playing dumb is not honest, is it? Perhaps that is like asking if I am crazy, only it works the other way: if I were honest, I would not ask a question about honesty, and just go ahead and play dumb, honestly! Now if that is not the thing to do (innocently playing stupid), then just exactly What am I supposed to do?

Nothing (N)™ ???

Anything Plus Everything (APE)™ ???

    Obligatory Anagram Treat (OAT)™

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2 Responses to Crush Of Yesterday, Or Today’s Example? (COYOTE)™

  1. KAT says:

    As per normal, I am confused…..

  2. also, as per normally delayed, I finally am also confused, in addition, as well.
    But if I post something on top of that 4th of July thing, maybe it will fix it? Let’s see what happens. See you can type tons in here and nobody will ever see it! Well, I might, but that is only just about the same as nobody seeing it!

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