Fred And Bill (FAB)

Fred And Bill (FAB)™

§ Modifed from original on 5/26/2006 at 21:43 PDT §

Everyone remembers both of these guys if they ever knew about them and have any brain synapses or heart cells interconnected with any functioning rete or plexus equipment (now there are two not-so-long words) intact.

Fred was [ Mr. Rogers ], and Bill was (is) [ Bill Nye, the Science Guy ], and the experience of growing up with television friends and neighbours like them was beneficial, even for mockers and scorners, and yes, even for me, though I was not really a child anymore and they were obvioiusly not “aimed” at my generation, from what I could see. And they knew it. We all knew it. Good guys are not that difficult to spot. Over in the UK some folks like to be train spotters, as a hobby, an avocation, a Spare Time Filler-Upper (ST FU)™ to keep them contented. Keeping folks entertained has always been one of those success-oriented companions that go along with our desire to make our lives better. That is, if we have a desire to improve our lot. Most of us seem to have that going on inside us, a wish to have it get better, where it really just means the way things are, and really just being able to continue.

But the basic problem is that we need to do something besides eat and sleep and get into conflicts with one another, and it is not always “fun” to have to “learn” things since life has a tendency to force that on us anyhow. Bump into wall, notice pain, modify behavior. Monkeys are not necessarily the only ones who can learn how to use tools. We might even be able to do that, as we invent the things, one at a time, and then learn how to use them. If we get hurt by our bombs, but not destroyed, we might just try making them bigger. Some guys up north do not have all of their fingers now. I wonder why that is supposed to be considered something that happened “by God’s will” if He loves us? It seems like a bad thing, losing part of Somebody’s Own Actual Personal (SOAP)™ body like that (blt)tm. Maybe I will go look that up, and figure out if it makes any sense. A book is in order, or on order, or maybe I am out of order…

Actually, I am being sarcastic. I do not wonder about God’s love that way.

Bracketed References Above (BRA)™

Bereaved Creek benefactors
debate over back references
never sober, create feedback-
forced “cat”, seven beaker beer.
Sever Deer Backbone, Free “Cat”

This BRA shapes up rather like an anvil or mesa, does it not?

When my next ST FU session happens,

Updated! Click for starters at Wikipedia, which is worth salting grains but gets you pointed in maybe too many directions, or you can AsK GoOgLe or JeEvEs or MsN or even LyCoS if ya wanna, or someone you know in high school…

I’ll fix those bracketed items up there, so you can click and find out about the living and the dead.

Rete Or Plexus Equipment (ROPE)™

Extreme Purple Question
Torque Pulse Experiment
Unique Temple Exporters

Same comment on ROPE as with BRA… we must wait for that just a little bit longer… stay…

Good, Healthy Doe Asserted:

These Are The Good Old Days!
Does Theology Dare Deaths?
Delayed Shortage Soothed
Dead Hostage Hole: Destroy
Yoga Dressed Athlete Hood!

Enough anagrams, and already, for crinum in the knight! (Sir Amaryllis, I presume?)

Crinum In The Knight

Hunting Hermit Nick
Mucking Their Ninth
Kitchen, Turning Him
Thinking: Hunt Crime
Think In Metric? Hung!
(what can I do to stop?)

A spider just went by, and I did not shudder, as per usual.

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