Waverly Home Yesterday (WHY?)™

Waverly Home Yesterday (WHY?)™

Once upon a time…‡……‡…

Concepts are everywhere. When my sister conceived and got pregnant the first time (as far as I know, that is to say) it was during the rising tide of the sexual revolution that swept this nation propagating eagerly from and to the entire world in the second half of the recently dearly departed Twentieth Century, which is now sliding into the foggy past along with all the other centuries and millennia that have spent themselves for us to get here today. Or tomorrow… and it would be of no particular usefulness to know where this revolution started, since it did not happen during anyone’s current lifetime, that much is obvious. The orgies they had in New York City in the late 19th century were not something they did just to be inventive and versatile.

They actually attempted to maintain an erotic pleasure palace where people could simply get lost in ecstasy with no cares in the world, to revive the customs of ancient Rome, where they (probably most of us have ancestors in that bone-pile) wanted to enjoy their better lifestyle, after having raised their own “standard of living” higher than anyone had ever seen it, and they were entitled, so therefore modern man must be likewise, and wise. We might be downhearted if we had to admit that it did not work or last for long there or then (in ancient Rome or ancient New York), and it will not work now, either. It will never work unless everyone gets “in on the fun” and that never goes with the menu. Exclusivity is what makes it work, and makes it evil, in my “opinion”, as it is so wonderfully known, here in America.

For my next unresearch project of no particular significance, I should go check out the facilities, if they still exist, at the

White Shield Home
Wayward Women

unless my addled brain (sans memory that works) has forgotten something nicer like unwed mothers, perhaps…

where she went to “do her time” for going ahead with the desire to discover (along with Gary O, who might have been on just another quick “jet” trip, possibly the primoridal “red-eye” before the airlines really had them, in his ship-of-love, bongoes in the back…) the joy of flying along into sex. He
drove a ‘57 Chev’ and now (as of May 16) my sister is
57 years old. Detroit sold those wheels, when I was about to
start school in 1957, by co-inky-dink, which I do not have one of, funny thing about that bone there, is that we have us what might be called a triple coincidence on our plate. Where’s my horseshoes, which I do not play? Time was different back then, when rock-n-roll was young. Thus, a child was born, and as time passed and fulfilled itself, she ended up trying to live her life right and pursue dreams in northern Idaho. My younger of two nephews, Craig, has moved from his birth state and now lives near his older of two sisters, Steffy, whom he did not meet until they were both full-grown and well involved with having children of their own. Strange world we live in, where unwed mothers are the norm. Marriage is something we have for lively discussions in controversy now, and divorce is a God-given right, especially for women, to allow them to arrange their lives acceptably. The old standards are not only found to be non-exclusive and overly narrow-minded, but they are also quite clearly inferior. These old standards are to be replaced, soon, with our new wisdom. Sex is for pleasure, and nobody should try to prove otherwise. That’s about the “size” of it, folks…
except for today’s anagrams ::(Sagas mandatory / any goat’s dramas / to assay grandma, / sad at any orgasm / (Satan orgasm day) / Adam sat so angry, / among sad astray, / any datagrams so / mandatory as gas / may drag sonatas / …)::, which are:

Today’s anagrams‡

    Waverly Home Yesterday

  1. Shower tamely every day,
  2. early methods every way,
  3. remotely every washday,
  4. lay ‘whomever’ yesterday.
  5. They always over-remedy.
  6. However, style may ready
  7. my ways; theory revealed
  8. lawyers: they remove day,
  9. removed the ways yearly.
  10. “Merely hot” was everyday.

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