Local Man Offs Ex (L-MOE)™

Local Man Offs Ex (L-MOE)™

Coincidental to anything anywhere else where folks do not get along with one another at times, like all the time, and worse every day it seems, we Oregonians go us our local yokels — some of whom are Washingtonians, since the neighborhood can be however big we think we are — including a man now in jail who has allegedly stabbed his exwife into membership among all the non-living souls, if such things exist (if they still believe in us, that is). Those of us who are distressed by any Loss Of Loved Ones (LOLO)™ who were (ever have been) heartlessly ripped from our lives. It hurts to lose someone close. Even someone far away who is “close” can be felt as a loss. This is a very curious thing about the human animal. Our heart has a quality to it that is larger than our fleshy bodies. This makes not a whole lot of sense to some of us.

Back to L-MOE, which sounds like (and anagrams to) Elmo, who had saintly fire associated with him. We (our pathetic band, Banshee) had a song with a reference to that in it, before the movie and book were known, since the phrase St. Elmo’s Fire was one of those nifty sounding things everybody like’s to “throw in” to conversations. Okay, maybe not everybody, since it falls into that “show-off” category, at times, to be “in the know” about the “hip” things to say. Like understanding street slang, to be cool, and know what the rap lyrics mean. Which it gets harder to do all the time, and one might wonder why bother with it at all.

What Elmo has to do with me is that I had an uncle, since my dad had a brother, with that for his middle name. He did not like his middle name, nor did he want his first name (Harold) messed up at all with a nice nickname, or a silly one, or anything at all besides Harold, so he was absolutely not Hal, which I thought was interesting since that was the name for the computer in 2001: A Space Oddessey portending the ultimate disparity ‘twixt man and his machines. We are there, and it almost fits the “off-by-one” with IBM that HAL was supposed to be “hidden meaning” for representing. Not so hidden, perhaps, is that IBM does not quite own the computer market, but it is still a PC world, for the most part, and still trying to see if it can also keep eating the Apple along with it. Have cake, eat it too.
(Acronym for have cake eat it too is hceit which anagrams to e-chit) for electronic iou, or aeiou, by coincidence.)

So far this has nothing to do with anyone allegedly murdering his ex-wife. However, someone else knows someone else who is headed in that same direction, like this guy with the knife did last night up in Portland, right in front of witnesses too, when he could not stand the fact that a woman would not worship him. He did not think of it as worship, but he “showed her” something by puncturing her body and making her life change. And his changed, and the lives of everyone near to the situation, and eventually everyone, was affected by the stabbing. But somewhere else tonight, someone else is not getting stabbed to death. I love knowing some things about who those folks are. There is someone named Vicki, or Vicky, or Vickie, but I cannot actually see the writing, and there is not wall, and of course, now there is also no spoon.

Another coincidence is that I ain’t dead yet, and neither (or ever) is He. 🙂

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