Remaining Utterly Forlorn Forever (RUFF)©®§™

Ruff! was the name of one (very hairy) but unarguably loveable dog belonging to (actually, claiming ownership of) that Mitchell boy, Dennis The Menace™, the brain-children of cartoon strip artist Hank Ketcham (1920-2001). Maybe that label (cartoon strip artist) is inappropriate or disrepectful, which is not my intention. Having been a D the M fan as long as I ever knew about it, for several decades now, maybe the entire life of that particlar popular comics character, at most I would want to offer continuing “praise” for the joy of having laughed at the humor. That reminds me of that trivia thing, like when you use the acronym and then repeat part of it, as in PIN number, or SSN number, you could always read Superman in DC Comics, which is Detective Comics Comics, when you get back to where it started. The origin. AKA 0,0 in your more-or-less modern mathematical terminology, it looks like a face with no mouth, does it not? See:


This also might suggest one of those Kilroy drawings, if it (or he) was here…

Then again, if clasical thinking is to apply, we need at least three — if not four or more — dimensions, so look at three eyes and two noses, perhaps? That would not be “human” in form, however.


We might want to look at 0,0,0,0 to avoid incompleteness or something, but if this fourth dimension is meant to represent time, one may imagine feeling compelled to conclude that, with a zero in that direction, it ain’t never gonna happen! So skip it, then, at least for now (now and then, ha!). Or, another way to look at it might be to assert that saying "at time equal zero," is the same as saying "in the beginning" which happened but once. After that, it became the original "past moment" that every moment eventually becomes. Inevitable pastness, or something. At the beginning of this, it looked like it might be Ruff! to follow along, menacing in some way perhaps.

Since blogs work in reverse, usually, the way to make something seem to “follow” is to post it in “the past” so it looks like you did it earlier. This is easy enough, and valid, if you want things to be read in the proper order, which might be backwards according to how it “happened” by the time-stamp showing on each entry. Why not arrange it later, if it makes sense? No reason not to, is the answer, or one of them, and the one we will use now. Again, not a new idea.

What we might do next is look back on the web and see if my trail exists…

I have claimed before that my experience on the net as someone to “shoot off his mouth” goes back almost as far as some folks’ entire lives because IT (Internet, The (IT)©®§™) has been around that long, and longer. And it was always my “habit” — although I am not in any cloister — to compile the ideas of those around me and provide an “analysis” of sorts. It might appear that I am taking a position. Then we observe the tautology that even by refusing to choose, I make a choice.

But the fact is, I have no reason to “take a stand” anymore.

Yet I persist in “reminding” myself and others by posting in a blog. That is not “keeping quiet” or accepting the things I cannot change. Serenity blown at step one. Who needs twelve, when you can’t get the three-part idea right?

Perhaps I should not dance around the issue, if I cannot even walk. — ancient future proverb (ought to have said it, even way back then, if they did not)

Honorable mentions:

Dennis The Menace anagrams with Enhance End Times
Sinned Hence Tame anagrams with Incensed Methane
Enhance Sediment anagrams with Enmeshed Ancient

After some time goes by (doesn’t it always?), you (or I, or anyone, or no one, or two…) will be able to look “back” to see if it (the proof of my pudding in chocolate-ness) is here by a-huntin’ for that thar TEAT©®§™ (or two) that I will have (by then, whenever that is) post-posted in here. After I current-post this here one (providin’ we have electicity in these here parts), and then try to let some time go by (as if I could stop it), finally merely posting the “next” part which should appear to have been posted earlier, but will be read later. Get it? That’s okay, I don’t either! They said (rightly) that being a grown-up would be Ruff!


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