How Much Wood?

Simply so… as to somewhat, perhaps…
Copy cherished chops to churl chopsticks at some uncertain stickers, pecking on the pickers of the ordered packing pucker-uppers!
This Is Surely… Simply Keeping It Stupid! (TIS SKIS)™

™©®_…How Much, Wood?…_®©™

How much wood would a Woodman “man”,
If a Woodman could “man” wood?
How much mud would a mudslinger sling,
If the mudslinger squeezed that sling?

How many stars would some starfish fish,
If all starfishes fished and starred?
Why would this bard ever be re-tarred,
When such quills are never tarred?

Left † Over † Title † Samples § † (LOTS)
Portly † Imported † Exports § (PIE)
Wooden † Animal † Science § (WAS)
Candy † Under † Tongue § (CUT)
Hanging † Ominous † Tassels § (HOT)

Somehow all the unrelated relates nonsense (Saturn) leaves a hollow ringing in the ears of the mind, moving us to pick up and don’t lold the line, if it sounds like it is for us…

On the other side of the coin, ‘twould be the obverse provided that is not where we are already‡

TLaT  ===  TLaT’s  Leave Trails(Sir),  where
TLA is the Three Letter Acronym, That my TLaT’s are making, with TLA’s each one. See? TLaT…
Okay, so the anagram comes from Seattle (home of starbucks), see tlat? ET tales? ale test? Let’s Eat!!!

Wooden Ewe Lye Kit Two, Oh, No? (WELKTON)®©™

He brew, she drink,
Me gnome, me think
Berm, mush, shave.

Permit † Even † Zero § (PEZ)
Offer † Folks † Facts § (OFF)
Being † ON † Time § (BOT)
Future † Flauta † Flogging § (FFF)

Ancient language
Where we hang age
Patched up cabbage
Owning baggage

How to Hug rage,
Birds unclean cage.
Living soul bridge,
In His image.

One of these days perhaps a complete thought might, with some effort, become, somewhat less than typical pointlessness perputually approaching my fulfillment.


About Galen

Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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