Half Of My Foreskin (HOMF)™

What Would (what wood!) I Dearly Love To Have? Half Of My Foreskin Back, Please!!!

I have decided that I was not fairly and properly consulted prior to removal of this uniquely key body part of mine, in such a way that it would be said it was without my consent to have it taken away unblemished like that, although I was not talking much sense, if any, at the time, which was way back then, a long time ago, when the Earth was green. So to make a compromise instead of a promise, and to avoid promiscuity as I have promised, more or less approximately to try to do so, I want half of it restored as soon as possible. I am uncertain as to how to proceed, since simply wanting a thing is no justification for just "going for it" as we say. Sure, I might actually feel I have a need for it, or even just half of a need (is this a 'ne' or an 'ed' for example?). Somehow I feel a personal connection has been severed, and it must be rectified remedially, with a rectifier no doubt.

So then I must choose, I suppose, as to which half to attempt at trying to get back to where it once belonged. Not an entirely unreasonable requirement, since it is an not entire requirement, but merely half of one. To require the entire foreskin restoration would be unreasonable, to say the least. So I only ask half that much, so I am not even saying the least. This is surely as modest as I could make the requirement, to be not even saying the least. So I will not say the least, and ask for it all back. Nope, not me. One thing we all know is that I could just get some surgery and be done with it, and money is our savior now, for the time being, as it is, and must be. (so there!)

Please say, "Yew, wood, deer!?" (rah rah rah)

All I want is a two-skin deal, I guess. Coming up next: Pig farmers are friendly, Oh, Canada! (Robert felt very Picked-On, didn't he?)


About Galen

Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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