Screen Test

This is to see how a picture would look on here, which can only done by putting one up and then looking at it. This is one that I had snagged at gettyimages during the process of looking for different layout designs to use at diary-x. Of course, that would be pointless now, as would most of the previous “projects” I had imagined myself to be involved with for some unfathomable (figuratively) reason.

So this would be nurturing, and He rains on us all…

knowing living wateringSo How does it look? Is it wrapping around the text? That is something I had not done at the other place yet, although I can see how you might want to do that. It looks like something in a magazine or a book, or perhaps just an insert in the Sunday newspaper. You know, those inserts which are always falling out, and uninserting themselves from the bundle? Them troublemakers? Which give us nothing but grief? And this would be the bottom line, wouldn’t it? Well????

Maybe not, but almost, and may as well be, so there! If you have to add more words just to fit an arbitrary requirement, then you have to make the concession and somehow stay on-topic or whatever else the point was actually supposed to be, beyond just being “big enough” to keep from being too small. You see? Don’t you? Why not?


About Galen

Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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One Response to Screen Test

  1. Not much point in a screen test, with no audience looking at the screen, but at least there is no failing to speak of. Arf?

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